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a holistic concept
Just as the building of a bridge undergoes different phases, the building of business activities abroad also involves a step-by-step approach.

Our wish is to accompany you from the beginning – from locating the appropriate strategy for finding suitable partners to the actual implementation on-site and your further growth.

But certainly, we are happy to support those who are already on their way to India, or who have already built up activities on-site.
getting in touch: the strategy phase

You do not have any business relations with India yet and would like to investigate as to which way the Indian market could be of interest to you.

touch down: the implementation phase

You have located suitable partners on-site and would now like to implement your planning.
local touch: the preperation phase

You would like to enter the Indian market and you are therefore looking for suitable Indian partners on-site.

indian touch: the growth phase

You are established in India and are now considering further developments.