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the subcontinent
India is one of the oldest countries and cultures of the world. The economic relations between Europe and the subcontinent also stretch over a long history.

Indian spices such as cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon had an enormous value in Europe until the early modern history. Today, the most traded export goods are textiles, clothing, cut and processed gemstones, chemicals, petroleum products, leather goods and software products. India mainly imports crude oil, electronic devices, gems, machinery, precious metal, chemicals and fertilizer.

The subcontinent will continue to play an important role long into the future with its enourmous potential for Europe‘s economy.
Facts & Figures

Type of Government: Federal republic

Chief of State: Pranab Mukherjee

Prime Minister: Narendra Modi

Capital: New Delhi

Federal States: 28 and 7 territories

Currency: Rupee

National language: Hindi; and English for national, polical, and commercial communication

Languages: 22 approved regional languages
(over 100 spoken)

Population: 1.31 billion inhabitants (2015)

Borders: Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and the Chinese autonomous Region Tibet

Area: 2.04 million square miles (3.29 km2)

Coast line: 4350 miles (7.000 km)

Average age: 26.6 years