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danaji.on-site support
We accompany you with the necessary expertise and the personal touch which is so important, especially in India.

With our on-site services, we contribute to your work and your stay in India through an effective and enjoyable working relationship.
Business companion

It is generally best to be accompanied by a local who knows his way around. Our Indian experts accompany you to fair trades, inspections, “look & see” trips and negotiations.

Cultural „Trouble-Shooting“

Should a problem arise between you and your Indian business partner or colleagues, you can rely on our coach and mediator.

Culture Shock Coaching

Our on-site counselor helps through the tough time of culture shock and supports with immediate and practical advice.
Hotline for Expats

For your employees and their families, we offer a multi-lingual telephone service for everyday worries and emergencies. In this way, your employees are always well cared for.


For your location in India as well as for your employees and their families, we provide a concierge service that takes care of all administrative issues which – if not a local and not well acquainted – takes a lot of time and sometimes more money than necessary.