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Like all Indian names, dana has its own meaning.

In Hindi, the national language, it has a different meaning than in Kannada, Karnataka‘s official language. Karnataka is a state in South India; Bangalore is its capital city and also the centre of the Indian IT industry and the location of danaji´s head office.
dana (Hindi: दाना) means „seed“ and „gain“.

Seed is the beginning of every growth. Planting it in the right spot and in the right way is essential. Therefore, danaji accompanies you from the beginning on your way to India to initiate the right development for your India endeavour.

Grain is the base of nutrition in many countries, no less so than in India. Likewise, danaji works together with our clients to grow healthily and to withstand all forces in a country such as India which differs in so many ways from Europe.
d(h)ana (Kannada: ಕನ್ನಡ) means „giving“ and „wealth“.

We accompany you with our consulting, training and support services and give our best to contribute to your success on the Indian market and for an “enriching” India experience.