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danaji.the motto
A bridge connects. It enables exchange and familiarising of new territory. It is the safe route from here to there, from the known to the unknown. It draws closer what seemed far away and opens up new possibilities.

We are the safe bridge and experienced companion.

We know both sides and build the bridge where and how you need it.
the bridge

You need hard facts and the right partners to build a stable bridge and similarly to successfully enter the Indian market, persist and grow there.

We identify these partners for you ( bridging) and provide the necessary facts ( consulting).
the gap

A bridge is built to bridge a gap, the difference between here and there – danaji bridges the „gap“ between Europe and India. Because India is different. In many ways. It is a country of opposites and of immense cultural diversity. A country where the inhabitants live in different centuries and who think, act and communicate differently as we are used to in Europe. To continue confidently once you’ve reached the other side, the right skill set is invaluable for successful communication and effective interaction. We provide the training for these soft skills ( training) and support you on-site ( on-site Support).