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vision & mission
danaji is more than an enterprise and „bridging the gap“ is more than a motto.

danaji stands for the vision of a strong partnership between Europe and India. An enriching partnership – for both sides and in every sense. A partnership with mutual respect and understanding that fosters economical development. A partnership that takes problematic areas such as poverty, education, health care, infrastructure and environment as chances to be active in an entrepreneurial manner.

„bridging the gap“ stands for the art of building stable bridges.

An art that connects different continents, countries, cultures, companies and people.
Our mission therefore is to …

… take care of our clients as an Indian family takes care of their guests:
Providing them with the best preparation and contacts before leaving home ( getting in touch), anticipating their needs and possible pitfalls and accompanying them wherever and whenever needed ( local touch), making sure they feel at home ( touch down) and always eager to support their growth ( indian touch).

… bridge the gap between the “Eastern” and the “Western” mindset in business by facilitating mutual understanding, appreciation and acceptance – the foundation of collaboration that creates synergy: a situation where the final outcome of a team is greater than the sum of its parts.